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Private banks and wealth managers in traditional "offshore" markets are experiencing a need to re-focus on core client and market segments while also evidencing a continued "onshoring" trend.

Witnessing the industry’s challenge to grow selectively in pre-defined core client segments while discontinuing others, MilleniumAssociates has originated an innovative programme for the referral and transfer of private banking and wealth management clients named CATCH®.

Successfully launched in Q1 2014, CATCH® enables participating private banks, wealth and asset managers to manage their client and market focus resegmentation strategies in a cooperative, orderly and profitable manner, while maintaining maximum confidentiality.

Contrary to traditional re-segmentation measures, CATCH®¬†was designed to provide a client friendly solution with upfront agreement and selection of their new wealth manager by each client.

Consequently, the program was expanded to also meet the needs of the independent asset management industry. In particular, independent asset managers who are looking for a merger or strategic alliance partner, or to retire and/or transfer certain client relationships/markets can now easily do so on a friendly basis with like-minded wealth management organizations by way of a simple and non-committal registration.

MilleniumAssociates is the independent and unconflicted provider of this unique industry service. If you are interested to join the CATCH®¬†programme and would like to request more information please contact us at catch@milleniumassociates.com.

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