Jessica Moodley


Jessica Moodley

International Associate

Jessica Moodley is an International Associate at MilleniumAssociates and is responsible for originating as well as supporting other aspects of M&A transactions.

Jessica started her career in the US before moving to the UK and Europe working across various financial and business strategy positions, including working for a multinational telecoms organisation, ramping up new divisions in ICT organisations and consulting to recognised organisations across Europe and Asia on business entry into Africa. Her work in Southern Africa includes acting as a representative for the investment arm of the Botswana Government, as well as supporting international companies on the legal, regulatory, procedural and institutional barriers to investment in the region. As an international consultant to African countries, Jessica has helped to establish a competitive investment climate and has been responsible for the development and implementation of investment strategies and policies that respond to the realities and aspirations of and across the region, and is exceptionally placed to understand and bring together strategic and economic opportunities across southern Africa.

Jessica is a South African national and has a Bachelors degree in Economics, Business and Marketing and speaks English, Afrikaans, Zulu and some French.